C-Suite & Board Evaluations

Agnes Mura is an experienced public board member and is available for Board Directorships.

“Recruiting Agnes to join the board of Aircastle, a 10-year old, publicly traded company, has proven to be very useful, according to her fellow board members, the CEO and senior management. Thanks to her experience with US corporate executives and with business owners from across the world, she can clearly contribute to a table that is fast-paced, very demanding and international. She is making contributions in matters of global talent strategy, compensation and governance, proving to be wise, knowledgeable and thoughtful, with a unique perspective. We are proud to have a colleague who has a strong financial background, is fluent in six languages, has lived and continues to work all over the world, and cares so much about our company as to relentlessly guide and challenge the management team…” 

Peter V. Ueberroth, Chairman of the Board, Aircastle. July 2014

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching, Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching: these are the AMI team’s core skills – in English, Spanish, German and French!
All conversations create reality. The symmetrical, magical dialogue between two leaders – one a coach and one an executive – sparks possibilities unseen by either before.
In these dramatic, VUCA times –

  • From how many different perspectives must a situation be viewed before it shows its full possibilities?
  • What wise understanding and supportive questioning does it take to call forth allthe potential for greatness in you?
  • How do we bring body, mind and values into alignment so as to create authentic Executive Presence?
  • What management skills and approaches does the new normal require us to experiment with and perfect?

Coaching Skills for Leaders,
Professional Coaches & Consultants

Agnes Mura presented over 200 “Leader as Coach” workshops to CEOs and their executives, as a highly sought-after Vistage Speaker (4.8/5 average evaluation ratings).

Professional coaches and consultants engage her as a Mentor on their path to Mastery.
“Agnes, just need to tell you that listening to you coach in our University of Miami professional coaching course was an inspiration about the impact a coach can have. Aspiring to follow in your footsteps!”
Jo-Aynne von Born, Ready-Set-More

Ramiro Ponce offers Coaching Spanish-language workshops for leaders and middle management throughout the Americas (1-2 days in person or virtually).

High-potential Coaching

The AMI team 

  • makes Onboarding efficient, integrative and engaging;
  • accelerates capacity development and promotability;
  • mentors leaders in their own and their staff’s career pathing.

“Agnes, just wanted to let you know my promotion to VP went through at the beginning of this year and I believe you deserve to share the credit. I can’t thank you enough for your coaching last year and the times we’ve worked together over my career. Glad to have you, an amazing human being, as a business partner and even more glad to call you a friend.”
John Koontz, Vice President of Research and Development Engineering – New World Medical, January, 2019

High-Performance Team Development

“Agnes, I can’t thank you and John enough for creating a great experience for my leadership team, inviting them to be “individually right or collectively powerful”. As they have repeated, it provided them the space to candidly reflect on the state of our culture and our performance. I was so impressed and proud as they came together under your baton, and put forth their joint, tangible improvement recommendations that we can implement now.
It was clear they gained awareness, insights and appreciation through your activities, observations and tools. To date, my leadership team continues to be fully present and engaged in moving forward on their collective ideas!”
Group Vice President, Toyota and Lexus Financial Services, June 5, 2019

Ramiro Ponce trains leaders in Spanish – collectively and individually – providing the tools, concepts, practices and experiences they need to become inclusive team leaders, who can engage across generations, functions and cultures.

Leadership Development Programs

The AMI team has delivered Senior Leadership and Middle Management development programs (also in Spanish) customized for firms like Banco Santander, Bayer, The Coca-Cola Company, CEMEX, Cooper Vision, EXXON, East West Bank, Gilead Sciences, Novartis, NantWorks, Nissan Mexico, National Australia Bank, Roche Mexico.

(Strategic) Retreat Facilitation

“Agnes Mura is one of a kind. Not only is she a masterful coach, Agnes is a strategic thinker and highly effective facilitator of virtual and in-person strategic and scenario planning.
Our team launched into scenario planning virtually during the pandemic. Agnes provided just the right design, thought provoking questions and streamlined process to enable participation and focus virtually, when virtual was still new for us all. In half a day, we left with a much better understanding of what to do during changing dynamics, and had the information needed to make quicker decisions on our investments. We’ll be forever grateful.”
Kathy J. Green, Managing Partner, Executive Coaching Connections, May 26, 2020


Some of the topics Ms. Mura frequently speaks about publicly:

  • “I didn’t Accomplish it Alone” (a dramatic global life story)
  • “Leader as Coach”
  • “The Neuroscience of Leadership”
  • “Energy vs. Time” (toward a sustainable and meaningful professional life)
  • “Right vs. Right” (exploring opposite but valid perspectives)
  • “Conversational Intelligence” (trust-building for action)
  • “Executive Presence – All of One Piece”
  • “Coach-Based Leadership”

…and other tailored subjects

Ramiro Ponce’s Spanish -language Keynotes– live and online: 

  • ”Liderazgo de Equipos Multi-Generacionales”
  • “El Líder Coach”