CEO staffing business (UK and US).

I wanted to let you know that I have had a lot of dialogue with our Group CEO over the last month about my development ,which has resulted in me receiving a significant pay raise and the following language in a formal letter: “This increase reflects the very positive progress you have made during 2019 as you have grown in stature, experience and accomplishment as Chief Executive Officer of your business. I know the year has had its ups and downs personally and professionally, but you have responded very positively to all the challenges and to all the feedback you have been blessed to receive…”. I know this isn’t the destination, but it is exactly the endorsement and recognition I have been craving… I would not have achieved this without you.

Former CTO at Fortune 50 company,

now CEO of a technology health related start-up

"It is very evident that our sessions helped me tremendously in breaking out of my mostly self-imposed boxes & constraints.  I became CTO of our company leading Technology Advancement, and I also launched my own business. Now I am running the startup full time. My thanks!"