Jeff Powell

President First American Title

John, you are a 10!

This year I needed to prove to the senior leadership at First American that I was the right candidate to promote into the open position of president for the home warranty division.  My knowledge, experience and accomplishments have never been in question. What I needed was to look at myself as a leader and at how others see me, to refine some leadership areas required to be successful at that next level. I felt like we achieved a big step forward, as others notice some of the critical changes I made in my management approach and style. And the mindset shifts are holding up. You always provoked “ah ha” moments of self-awareness for me, pearls of wisdom, and relevant quotes that I took away each time. Thank you for also letting me call you when a specific business challenge presented itself and for being a great just-in-time sounding board.

Matt Petersen

Vice President Marketing U.S. Marketing, Boys Business Mattel Inc.

John is a wonderful coach.

He is able to pull from a wealth of practical experience to really understand his clients’ needs and give real working solutions to find improvement.  We have used many coaches here at Mattel, and I think that John has really separated from many of the others.  He brings thoughtful insights to those he works with and then helps his client develop very actionable plans for success.  Further, he has enough strength of character to tell it like it is.  My last point is that John is not my coach, he is helping one of my reports.  He has done an excellent job working with me and my HR partner to ensure that everyone is getting the most out of the experience and that we are seeing real change with his client.