Steffie Armontrout, Program Director at Vetsource

"Ramiro is an excellent resource for leadership development consulting work. I have worked with him in an independent contractor capacity and mostly in financial services and pharmaceutical client systems--although he would be effective in any industry. In addition to coaching work, Ramiro has facilitated workshops for us that vary in length from 1-day offsites to 5-day designs--and consistently with excellent results. I find him to be a wonderful team player who will do anything to deliver a quality product. Ramiro is an effective communicator, and detail oriented without losing sight of larger objectives. He prepares well for every assignment and invests time in getting to know new clients' businesses and their issues. He is warm and personable and genuinely interested in people's lives and in contributing to their development.”

Enrique J. Zaldivar, Principal, INSPIRED-INC.  

"Ramiro is an outstanding bilingual leadership/executive coach, who has added significant value to about a dozen of our clients. It is a pleasure to recommend Ramiro without reservations. His rich background reveals itself in the sensitivity of the psychologist combined with the data-orientation of the engineer."