John R. Bailey

Bailey•Kennedy LLP

The impact of Agnes Mura and her work on two of my projects has been absolutely invaluable:

One was a publicly traded company where she performed a CEO 360 review as well as a thorough Board evaluation; the second was a complex charter school where she performed an Executive Director evaluation for the board.  In both cases, she generated valuable new insights, coaching recommendations and action plans for us, with clear follow-up. As a director on the first project and chairman of the governing board on the second, I experienced firsthand the skill and dedication Agnes brings to each task.  She is dedicated, intelligent, effective, and professional beyond measure. I would recommend her to anyone without reservation.

Virginia Torres Lara

Head of Talent Management Roche, Mexico

Agnes, you are a deep listener who captures patterns and organizational needs very accurately.

Whenever I have sought AMI's counsel in solving talent issues in the three (!) companies where we have collaborated over the years, you have delivered what we needed - and more. This always enhances HR's reputation in the firm! I continuously hear from our managers that your leadership and management programs helped them make lasting changes, and that the course material "keeps giving" for a long time. On this occasion, thank you also for being my mentor and inspiring me to be a better leader, as well as to study to become a certified corporate coach myself. Roche appreciates it!

Severin Sorensen

Chair at Vistage International

Agnes is the quintessential business professional and coach of coaches!

She is a most talented polyglot (fluent in six languages) and most importantly fluent in 'emotional intelligent' and reading people, situations, and opportunities. Agenes has been my guest at several Vistage meetings where she has coached my 31+ chief executives how to read people and improve their business performance through use of analytical tools such as DISC etc. I recommend Agnes for any assignment requiring expert judgement, keen understanding, and one-of-a-kind foresight to see through issues and make organizations better. Needless to say, I highly recommend Agnes! She is simply awesome.

Barbara A. Thomas

President, Board of Directors Habitat for Humanity of Orange County

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity of Orange County,

I thank you for Facilitating our Annual Board Retreat. It was a fabulous day, and most productive for a group so new to one another. You have a gift for cutting through “the story” to the point and a great skill at keeping communications open and on track. While I applaud those skills, it is your heart and soul I most admire. It meant so much to me that you gave your morning to help build homes in Irvine.

Armida Garaygordobil

VP, Morgan Stanley

I've considered you my mentor for some time; but this last year when we specifically coached together has been the fastest growth year I can remember.

No small feat in this market! I thought I was a pretty fabulous client relations manager, and I've learned now how to reach for very large accounts with ease and how to be even more strategic in my approach. I thought I was a good leader to my team - now I know how I can continue being a great one. Thanks you for helping me build a legacy through my business.

Brian D. Poggi

President, Sales and Marketing - Americas D & M Holdings

As my career has progressed I have benefitted from your guidance and coaching. My teams have benefitted from your wisdom, accurate assessments and laser insights.

Your approach accelerates results for people through better self-awareness, clear strategic thinking, intelligent networking and development of "best-in-class" influencing skills. Your approach as a global citizens helps to fine tune our behaviors as well as our perspectives which, in the end, develops us to think in more interdependent and flexible ways. Thanks for all that you do."

Ing. Ramiro Ponce

President RPI Guatemala City

I can't tell you enough times how grateful I am. Without exaggerating even a bit

I can say that you have changed my life in many important senses, made it better and, through me, you are positively affecting the lives of many other people whom I am consulting and training. Guess that's true leadership and true friendship too! Thanks Agnes. You are a great mentor.